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1st Ian Settler Viper
2nd Taran Floyd All Phase
3rd Aristotle Rockwell Pirate
4th Ryan Smith Heppner
5th Chris Rogstad Celtic

1st Jordan Rhodes FW Spartans
2nd Matter Peterson Hillsboro
3rd Blake McNall All Phase
4th Tyler Hancock Pirate

1st Hans Rockwell Pirate
2nd Leviticus Arizpe FW Spartans
3rd Devin Poppen All Phase
4th Jared Henry Dayton
5th Coty Brown Willamina

1st Ian Rogers All Phase
2nd Chris Montelongo Big River
3rd Skyler Voigt Willamina
4th Iban Gomez Apex
5th James Baxter Salem Elite
6th Arian Carpio FW Spartans

118 Elite
1st Josh Perry Willamina
2nd Levi Gagnon Grant Union
3rd Anthony Halstead Fantastic Utters
4th Adan Gutierrez Furious Burros
5th Duke Hebdon All Phase
6th Denver Schadden Furious Burros
7th Gabe Norwood Unattached
8th Abraham Ledzama Big River

118 Varsity
1st Elijah Conlon Pirate
2nd Levi Wing North Marion
3rd Connor Lysne Fantastic Utters
4th Clay Miller Pirate
5th Stacy Hardy Unattached
6th Bianca Arizpe FW Spartans
7th Clay West Guardian Knights
8th Chris Pietz Unattached

1st John Vara North Marion
2nd Marcus Garboldon Fantastic Utters
3rd Micah Cisneros Furious Burros
4th Adrian Avena FW Spartans
5th Ben Gadbois Cobra
6th Dakota Haviland Fantastic Utters
7th Michael Mobley Fantastic Utters

1st Ares Carpio FW Spartans
2nd Clifford Baxter Salem Elite
3rd Sean Van Earwage FW Spartans
4th Tyler Saucedo North Marion
5th PJ Murillo Big River
6th David Bridger Willamina

1st Bobby Short Fantastic Utters
2nd Robert Barton Salem Elite
3rd Mark McKeown Big River
4th Jadan Salazar Big River
5th Jacob Cassaro Fantastic Utters
6th Cody Bettinger Bruins

1st Boss Garcia Big River
2nd Jeremy Lowe Celtic MC
3rd Cole Hannan Bruins
4th Nathan Tompkins Furious Burros
5th Edwin Villalobos Willamina
6th Shane Hemmert Unattached
7th Chad White Big River
8th Johnnie Mathiesen Bruins

1st Travis Hunt Willamina
2nd Mario Sepulveda Pirate
3rd Earl Propheter Heppner
4th Mason Brown Big River
5th Anthony Peterson Bruins
6th Stephan Parker FW Spartans

150-157 Elite
1st Javier Mandera Roseburg
2nd Hector Mandera Roseburg
3rd Jay Lysne Fantastic Utters
4th Anninu Kamara Unattached
5th Shawn Warmington Fantastic Utters
6th Andrew Cordoso Fantastic Utters
7th Deshar House FW Spartans
8th Brandon Dettra Seshi

1st Michael Griffin Oregon City
2nd Chris Puckett Clatskanie
3rd Michael Stewart Willamina
4th David Batty Glendale
5th Adam McMillan Clatskanie
6th Raymond Figuaracion Unattached

165-175 Elite
1st Andrew Orr Fantastic Utters
2nd Tucker Davison Furious Burros
3rd Austen Silvers Big River
4th TJ Greenhill Willamina
5th Andy Pin All Phase

1st Trevor Davis Churchill
2nd Cody Walker All Phase
3rd Daniel Puerta Pirate
4th Tristan Taylor Bruins
5th David Adkinson Clatskanie
6th John Propheter Heppner
7th Ty Manard Big River

1st Chanselor Pacheco Furious Burros
2nd Mac Martin Apex
3rd Joey Bomers Unattached
4th Josh Friedl Unattached
5th Clayton Johnson Big River

225-290 Varisty
1st Caleb Batease Grant Union
2nd Jovanny Quintero Unattached
3rd Connor Hulegaard Clatskanie
4th John Elder Unattached

225-290 Elite
1st Robert Eason Celtic MC
2nd Jake Batease Grant Union
3rd Jason Chen Unattached
4th Dylan Taylor Bruins
5th Sahq Seidle South Salem

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