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2013-14 6A Rankings/Comparison by Richard Rockwell  3/5/2014
Number in ( ) are the Wrestler of the Year points
Wrestler of the Year Info

State Placers in Bold


1 Henry Cox So North Medford * *3 30-5(295) Lost Bibler, 1st GP, RV, EP, Willie, SP4, 2nd CC, 3rd State

2 Bennett Mesa Fr Roseburg *1 29-5(325) Beat Stettler, Libolt, Lost Fuentes, Ru Rodriguez, Bibler, 1st DC, State, 2nd Resers, SP4, 3rd CC
3 Ruben Rodriguez Fr Hillsboro *4 22-3(190) Beat Mesa, Warren 2X, Stettler 2X, Lost Bibler, 1st SP1, 3rd HillHi, Resers, 4th State
4 Ian Stettler Fr Glencoe *5 28-4(195) Lost Mesa, Ru Rodriguez 2X, 1st Liberty, HillHi, 2nd Rose, SP1, 5th State
5 Gus Warren Fr Canby 23-3(170) Beat Bell, Lost Ru Rodriguez 2X, 1st Owings, SP2
6 Christian Guerra Jr Forest Grove *2 31-8(125) Beat Bell, 2nd State, 3rd SP1

7 Peyton Bell Fr Hillsboro 22-9(70) Beat Resnick, Lost Warren, Brown, Smith, 3rd HillHi, 4th SP1
8 Tyler Bellon Fr Grants Pass 21-11(80) Lost Cox 3X, Tarvin, Stettler, Bresser, Mesa, Warren, 3rd GP, EP, SP4
9 Aspen Nelson Jr McMinnville 8-2(120) Lost Fuentes, Holcomb, 1st SP3, 2nd Owings, FB
10 Tanner Stones So South Salem 26-5(150) Lost Stettler, 1st Larson, 2nd SP3, 3rd Milwaukie

11 Ashton Faas Fr Roseburg 6-3(25) 2nd Owings, 4th SP4
12 Aerie Baxter So Newberg 16-3(100) Lost Bell, 1st Larson, 3rd SP3
13 Andrew Curry Fr David Douglas *6 5-1(35) 2nd SP2, 6th State
14 Brandon Thai Jr David Douglas 30-11(105) 3rd SP2
15 Drew Boyer Fr Canby 8-5(20) 4th SP2
16 Alvaro Flores So McMinnville 4-2(10) 4th SP3

1 Casey Coulter Sr Grants Pass *3 *1 *3 *1 37-2(530) Beat Cytrynbaum 2X, Lost Libolt, 1st CC, GP, EP, SP4, State, 2nd SNC, Resers

2 Nathan Johnson So Glencoe *2 33-1(320) Beat Holcomb, Peterson, Lost Libolt, 1st Rose, Liberty, HillHi, SP1, 3rd Resers
3 Jacob Cytrynbaum Sr South Eugene *3 *3 18-3(160) Beat Reed, Lost Coulter 2X, Ishihara, 1st Willamette, Elks, 2nd CC, GP, SP4, 3rd State
4 Matt Peterson Sr Hillsboro *6 29-9(150) Beat Nelson 2X, Harris, Lost Timmons, Harris, Johnson 2X, Dill, 2nd HillHi, SP1
5 Trenton Martinez So Sprague 9-3(85) 1st SP3
6 Matt Johnson So Forest Grove *5 31-8(175) Beat Palos, McGee, Lost Purinton, McGee, 1st York, 2nd Liberty, 3rd Beisell, SP1, 5th State
7 Patrick Boulanger Fr Newberg 27-5(145) Beat Fuentes, Lost Ru Rodriguez, Stones 2X, N Johnson, Lacy, 2nd SP3
8 Maxwell McGee Sr Glencoe * *6 *4 5-4(5) Beat Johnson, 4th SP1, State
9 Toby Dill Sr Roseburg * 13-3(70) Lost Coulter, 3rd SP4
10 Ian Snapp So West Linn * 29-6(175) Lost Dill, 1st SP2, 3rd Rose

11 Austin Harris Fr Roseburg *6 7-6(20) Beat Peterson, 1st DC, 4th SP4, 6th State

12 Quentin Jamieson Sr David Douglas 16-15(25) 2nd SP2
13 Jorge Fuentes Sr Centennial *2 31-4(290) Lost Boulanger, 1st Owings, York, McKay, 3rd SP2
14 Ryan Leonard So Oregon City 12-13(-5) 4th SP2

15 Steven Weant Jr McMinnville 3-1(20) 3rd SP3
16 Jared Hampl Jr Sprague 2-2(0) 4th SP3

1 Devin Poppen Jr Oregon City *2 *2 *2 32-4(355) Beat Rodriguez, Dill, Holcomb, Gonzales, Whitaker, Lost Mode, 1st OC, SP2, 2nd Tri State, State, 3rd Resers

2 Cahleb Gonzales Jr Lake Oswego *5 *3 11-1(80) Beat Rodriguez, Lost Poppen, 2nd SP2, 3rd State
3 Joel Timmons Sr Westview *4 *5 *5 *1 32-1(390) Beat Peterson, Whitaker, Taylor, Nelson, Poppen, Gonzales, 1st Panther, SP1, State, 2nd Rose
4 Jeff Whitaker Sr Tualatin *4 34-9(225) Beat Dill, Lost Santana, Timmons, Rodriguez, Wenlund, Poppen, Peterson 2X, Bannon, Batten, 1st SA, SP3, 2nd Larson, 3rd Liberty
5 Tommy Dill Sr Roseburg *4 16-9(150) Beat Palos, Lost Poppen 2X, Whitaker, Schilling, D Peterson, 1st DC, SP4, 3rd CC, 4th State

6 Luke Batten Sr Sunset 12-3(70) Lost Jackson, 2nd SP1, 3rd York
7 Humberto Santana Sr McKay 18-1(135) Beat Whitaker, 1st McKay, 2nd SP3
8 Louis Palos Jr McNary *6 27-7(130) Lost Holcomb, Johnson, Dill, 2nd York
, 3rd SP3

9 Johnny Nguyen Jr Clackamas *6 26-6(140) Lost McNall, 1st AI, York, 3rd SP2, 6th State 
10 Isaias Harris Sr Thurston 3-1(20) 2nd SP4
11 Caleb Dix So North Medford 10-6(65) 1st EP, 2nd RV, 3rd SP4
12 Bailey Hanthaley So Southridge *5 27-10(95) 3rd SP1, 5th State
13 Jeb Powell Jr West Salem 27-13(70) 4th SP3
14 Anthony Neuenschwander So South Medford 2-2(0) 4th SP4
15 Dylan Jones Jr Lincoln 8-3(25) 4th SP1

16 Alex Purtzer So Canby 13-11(10) 4th SP2

1 Brennan Baccay Jr Century * *1 30-4(390) Beat Staley, Rodriguez 3X, Lost Van Anrooy, Marquez, 1st Beisell, Resers, SP1, State
2 Joey Rodriguez Sr Hillsboro *3 *2 37-7(365) Beat Schilling, Mode, Whitaker, Hook, Thomas, Lost Nelson, Jones, Poppen, Baccay 2X, Gonzales, 1st HillHi, 2nd CC, Resers, SP1, State

3 Tyler Thomas Sr Grants Pass *2 *4 26-5(225) Beat Wyse,  Bates, Lost Rich, Sengsavahn, J Rodriguez, 1st SP4, 2nd CC, GP, 4th State
4 Logan Holmquist Jr Sprague *5 12-2(135) Lost Thomas, Rystedt, 1st Owings, SP3, 5th State
5 Brian Fay Jr Lake Oswego 22-4(155) Beat Lucas, 1st SP2, 2nd Larson
6 Trajan Hurd Fr Grants Pass *3 20-6(110) Lost Blough, Rich, Freeman, Semgsavahn, 2nd EP, SP4, 3rd GP, State
7 Aaron Webb Sr Thurston 16-5(90) Lost Ayers, 2nd Willamette, 3rd HillHi, SP4
8 Dreagan Bennett Sr Sprague 14-3(105) Beat Voigt, 1st Owings, 2nd SP3

9 Joey Donovan Sr West Linn 14-14(20) 2nd SP2
10 Austin Brittle Jr Clackamas *6 6-3(25) 3rd SP2, 6th State
11 Christian Chan So Glencoe 4-1(25) 3rd SP1
12 Rylan Burum So Roseburg 7-3(35) 1st DC, 4th SP4
13 Cameron Johnson Sr West Salem 28-13(95) 3rd SP3
14 Jonathon Phelps Sr McNary 22-12(50) 4th SP3

15 Justice Racca Sr Glencoe 4-2(10) 4th SP1
16 Dennis Podloujnyi Jr Oregon City 13-9(20) 4th SP2


1 Cole Van Anrooy Jr Roseburg *4 *1 33-5(465) Beat Baccay, Downer 2X, Munn, Walters, Sengsavahn, Lost Munn, 1st DC, Resers, SP4, State
2 Amari Sengsavahn Jr Century *5 *2 28-2(300) Beat Thomas, Jones, Downer, Lost Downer, Munn, 1st CC, Beisell, SP1, 2nd State

3 Andy Downer Jr Hillsboro * *4 31-5(270) Beat Stokes, Seyl, Weeks, Freeman, Sengsavahn, Lost Michael, Noonan, C Van Anrooy 2X, Sengsavahn, 2nd HillHi, Resers, SP1
4 Nate Walters So Crater *5 13-3(100) Beat Miller, Hammond, Lost Willett, Molinari, Bilderbeck, Van Anrooy, 2nd SP4
5 Raul Villareal Sr South Salem *3 19-2(185) Beat Vaughn, Donaldson, 1st Larson, SP3, 3rd State
6 Manny Humlie Jr McMinnville 13-4(85) Lost Brown, 2nd FB, SP3, 3rd HillHi
7 Jake Vaughn Jr Sprague *5 15-8(65) Beat Donaldson, 2nd Owings, 3rd SP3, 5th State
8 Cody Pickle Fr Roseburg 4-1(15) 3rd SP4
9 Adam Webb Sr Thurston 15-5(65) Beat Lucas, 2nd Willamette, 3rd HillHi, 4th SP4

10 Tristan Molinari Jr David Douglas 18-7(110) Lost Sengsavahn, 1st SP2
11 Izaiah Duran Fr Gresham 17-9(60) 2nd SP2
12 Riley Tallman So Lake Oswego 18-15(25) 3rd SP2
13 Michael Phelps Jr McNary 26-13(65) 4th SP3
14 Quin Bingham Jr Sunset *4 31-11(110) 3rd SP1, 4th State
15 Chad Smith Sr Forest Grove *6 32-11(105) 4th SP1, 6th State
16 Justin Cardinale Jr Canby 7-7(0) 4th SP2

1 Layne Van Anrooy Fr Roseburg *1 29-2(475) Beat Shinkle, Damewood, 1st CC, DC, Resers, SP4, State
2 Spencer Stokes Jr Sunset *6 *2 26-2(245) Beat Brown, Bilderbeck,  Hernandez 2X, Lost Downer, Lyons, 1st Rose, York, SP1, 2nd Beisell, State

3 Cole Hornbrook So North Medford * 14-4(100) 1st EP, 2nd SP4, 3rd RV, Willie
4 Blake Reser Sr Tualatin *4 35-8(220) Beat Bilderbeck, Lost Downer, Michael, Munn, Michael, Stigall, 1st SP3, 2nd Dallas, 3rd SA, 4th State
5 Bobby Crowston So McMinnville * 13-2(105) Beat Baxter, Lost Michael, 1st FB, 2nd HillHi, SP3
6 Justin Lee Jr Centennial 28-11(135) 1st SP2
7 Nicholas Piwonka Jr Southridge *3 27-9(110) 2nd SP1, 3rd State
8 Cody Smith Sr Forest Grove *5 33-11(135) 1st Beisell, 3rd SP1, 5th State

9 Cason Wight Sr Aloha 33-5(145) 1st Liberty, 4th SP1
10 Tristan Prow Sr Clackamas 17-15(30) 2nd SP2

11 Andy Carroll Jr North Salem 4-1(15) 3rd SP3
12 Austin Weaver Jr Roseburg *6 4-1(15) 3rd SP4, 6th State
13 Mamed Razatdinov Fr David Douglas 16-10(40) 3rd SP2
14 Colin Wells Jr Reynolds 21-13(40) 4th SP2

15 Mason Roddy Sr Grants Pass 3-2(5) 4th SP4
16 Brandon Harper Jr Newberg 4-2(10)
4th SP3

1 Tim Harman So West Linn *2 *1 38-0(435) Beat Klient, Michael 4X, 1st Rose, Tigard, PacCoast
, SP2, State
2 Yasyf Sorensen Jr Sprague *2 *4 *3 18-6(140) Lost Flagor, Barnes, 1st SP3, 2nd Owings, 3rd State
3 John Whitaker Jr Tualatin *6 20-2(175) Beat Hada, Bilderbeck, Lost Meeker, 1st Liberty, 2nd SP3, 3rd Resers, 6th State

4 Chandler Michael So Barlow *6 *2 25-3(195) Beat Downer, Crowston, Lost Harman 2X, Reyes, 1st Muilenberg, HillHi, 2nd Elks, SP2, State
5 Ricky Molinari Jr David Douglas *5 *4 26-3(145) Beat Walters, 1st Owings, 3rd SP2, 4th State
6 Ryley Bilderbeck Sr Century * 26-8(180) Lost Willett, Reser, Whitaker, Meeker, 1st SP1, 3rd Beisell
7 Kyle Flagor Sr Roseburg *5 11-4(140) Beat Sorensen, Hada, Lost Harman, Sorensen 2X, 1st Owings, SP4, 5th State
8 Torben Billow Sr Beaverton * 5-2(40) 2nd Beisell, SP1
9 Jake Oelrich Sr Lakeridge 22-6(100) 1st Southridge, 3rd Larson, 4th SP2
10 Jason Comer Jr Crater 2-1(5) 2nd SP4
11 Mason Davis Jr Thurston 4-1(15) 3rd SP4
12 Matthew Vanbrabant So Sunset 16-11(35) 3rd SP1
13 Jordan Bellon Sr Grants Pass 3-4(-5) Lost Sallee, 4th SP4
14 Matt McCarthy Jr Newberg 14-5(75) 2nd Larson, 3rd SP3
15 Caleb Conner Sr McNary 22-12(50) 4th SP3

16 Dominic Bacon Jr Glencoe 3-2(5) 4th SP1

1 JT Barnes Jr McMinnville * *2 *1 19-1(335) Beat Hygelund, McClure, Sorensen, Thorsen, Lost Hada, 1st Owings, FB, SP3, State, 2nd HillHi
2 Kjell Thorsen Sr Grants Pass *2 *5 21-7(190) Lost Thomas, Jones, 1st GP, SP4, 2nd SNC, 3rd EP, 5th State

3 Noel Hygelund Jr Canby *3 16-4(130) Beat Winnett, Lost Barnes, 1st SP2, 2nd Owings
4 David Harker Sr Roseburg *2 8-1(140) Beat McCoy 2X, Lost Winningham, 1st DC, 2nd SP4, State, 3rd Resers
5 Tommy Winningham So Crater *4 *3 20-9(130) Beat McKinnis, Harker, Lost Hoeptner, Berger
, 3rd SP4, State
6 Alex Hada Sr Hillsboro *4 22-3(190) Beat Hoyt, Barnes, 1st HillHi, SP1, 3rd CC, 4th State
7 Jacob Taylor So West Linn * *6 24-9(100) Lost Self, Crawford, Lutz, 2nd Tigard, SP1, 6th State

8 Anthony Lambert Sr Glencoe 18-5(120) Beat Thorsen, Lost Harker, Vincent, 2nd SP1, 3rd HillHi
9 Cameron Harris Jr West Salem 34-8(160) 2nd SP3, 3rd HillHi
10 Joseph Knight Jr Barlow 28-13(85) 3rd SP2
11 Connor Kurtz Jr Centennial 24-5(130) Lost Harker,
Whitaker, 1st York, McKay, 3rd Owings, 4th SP2
12 Ryan Schwartz Sr Aloha 11-1(65)
3rd SP1
13 Austin Hutchins Sr Roseburg 3-2(5) 4th SP4
14 Alex Keiss Jr McMinnville 4-1(35) 3rd SP3

15 Zach Vollstedt Sr Tigard 3-2(5) 4th SP3
16 Luis Torres So Aloha 11-10(5) 4th SP1

1 Ian Thomas Sr Roseburg *2 *2 25-5(315) Beat Hygelund, Thorsen, Harkey, Lost Berger, Crawford, 1st SP4, 2nd CC, State, 3rd Resers
2 Colby Winnett So Gresham *2 *1 34-3(330) Beat Thomas, Lost Hygelund, 1st AI, SP2, State

3 Hunter Morse So Hillsboro *5 21-5(140) Lost Dunagan, Morgan, 1st SP1, 2nd HillHi, 5th State
4 Nathan Burnett Jr Sunset * *4 27-3(175) 1st York, Beisell, 2nd Rose, SP1, 4th State
5 Shane Roach Sr South Eugene 10-4(70) Lost Thorsen, 2nd GP, SP4, 3rd Willamette
6 Tyler Self So West Linn 24-7(120) Lost Gardner, Barnett, Morgan, Fischer, Burnett, 1st Tigard, 2nd SP2, 3rd Rose
7 Jack Kerwin Sr Newberg 13-6(105) 1st SP3
8 Logan Lachenmeier Sr Sunset 25-19(55) 1st Beisell, 3rd SP1
9 Troy Dunn Sr Sprague 6-5(30) 2nd SP3

10 Zane Burgess Sr Newberg 15-7(70) 2nd Larson, 3rd SP3
11 Ryan Anderson Jr West Linn *3 4-1(25) 3rd SP2, State
12 Jeremy Nicholes Sr Grants Pass *6 3-1(10) 3rd SP4, 6th State
13 Phillip Engel Sr Tigard 4-2(10) 4th SP3
14 Jerry DelaFuente Sr Crater 2-2(0)
4th SP4
15 Clayton Sargeant So Glencoe 3-2(5) 4th SP1
16 Zephrain Childs So Barlow 24-10(70) 4th SP2

1 Tanner Fischer Jr Oregon City *3 *2 34-2(370) Beat McCallum, Lost Maley, 1st Resers, OC, SP2, 2nd State, 3rd TriState
2 Maurice McSwain Sr Aloha * *3 32-1(215) 1st SP1, 3rd Liberty, State

3 Haydn Maley Fr Roseburg *1 29-5(380) Beat Short, Fischer, Lost Woodward, 1st Owings, FB, SP4, State, 3rd Resers

4 Brad Pfeifer Sr Clackamas 31-9(145) Beat Ibarra, Lost Ayala, 1st York, 2nd SP2
5 Brandon Morgan Sr Thurston *5 20-1(140) Beat Morse, 1st Willamette, HillHi, 2nd SP4, 5th State
6 Edwin Montes So North Salem 4-0(75) 1st SP3
7 Franklin Gionnone Sr Tualatin 20-6(115) Lost Tenny, Maley, 1st Larson, 2nd SP3, 3rd Liberty
8 Sean Callahan Sr Glencoe 3-1(30) 2nd SP1
9 Gabe Ellicott Sr Oregon City *6 18-4(80) 3rd SP2, 6th State
10 Jamarcus Grant So Century 4-1(25) 3rd SP1

11 Corson Davis Jr Sprague 15-7(60) 3rd SP3
12 Ryan Ibarra Jr Centennial 25-11(80) Lost Pfeifer, 2nd Owings, 4th SP2
13 Brandon Brooks Jr South Medford 14-6(50) 2nd EP, 3rd SP4
14 Cavin Gillespie So Crater *4 11-4(40) Lost Britt, 3rd GP, 4th SP4, State
15 Taran Purkey Jr McNary 17-8(45) 4th SP3
16 Joseph McRae Jr Southridge 23-14(45) 4th SP1

1 Max Hane Sr Roseburg *1 25-4(420) Beat Griffin, Ayala, Cavender, Hammerschmith, Lost Cavender, 1st DC, Resers, SP4, State, 2nd CC
2 Ty Cavender Sr Hillsboro *4 34-3(235) Beat Boykin, Hammerschmith, Hirning, Lost Robirts, Wilson, Barnes, 1st HillHi, SP1, 4th State
3 Michael Griffin Sr Oregon City *3 *3 17-4(145) Beat Pfeifer, Ayala, Lost Hane, Cavender, 1st OC, SP2, 3rd State
4 Thomas Ayala Jr David Douglas *5 *5 26-4(210) Beat Robirts, Lost West, Griffin 2X, Hane, 2nd Resers, SP2, 3rd CC, 5th State
5 Zach Hammerschmith Sr McNary *2 29-5(225) Beat Griffin, Lost Cavender, Crile, White, 1st Liberty, SP3, 2nd York, State
6 Micah Walker Sr Crater 19-9(95) Beat Scott, Wilson, Pomeroy, Lost Pomeroy, Keeler 2X, Boykin, 2nd SP4

7 Roland Lester Sr West Linn 17-12(35) 3rd SP2
8 Luke Goessens Sr Tualatin *6 16-9(95) Beat Funk, Lost Sallee, 1st Larson, 2nd SP3, 6th State
9 Joe Kovachevich Sr Aloha 30-10(120) 2nd SP1
10 Devin Russo So Newberg 4-1(25) 3rd SP3
11 Alexander James Jr Southridge 25-11(80) 3rd SP1
12 Vincent Villareal Sr South Salem 13-4(65) 4th SP3
13 Jesse Webb Jr Roseburg 4-1(15) 3rd SP4
14 Marcus McGovern Sr Sheldon 5-0(40) 1st Willamette, 4th SP4
15 Isaac Nakamoto Sr Hillsboro 9-4(35) 2nd HillHi, 4th SP1
16 Tyrell Young Jr David Douglas 11-14(-15) 4th SP2

1 Ben Kociemba Jr Hillsboro *4 *5 36-5(255) Beat Sipe, Barnes, Scott, Lost Odighizuwa, Crouch, Snyder, Z Smith, Farley, Scott, 1st HillHi, SP1, 2nd CC, 5th State
2 Trent Wilson So North Medford *4 *1 26-3(320) Lost Swan, 1st GP, EP, SP4, State, 2nd Willie, 3rd CC

3 Artur Simpson Sr Centennial 21-3(150) 1st SP2, 3rd York
4 Jake Snyder Jr Roseburg 10-4(70) Beat Kociemba, Scott 2X, Lost Kociemba, Colbray, 2nd SP4, 3rd Owings
5 Brian Barnes Fr McMinnville *3 9-4(125) Lost Kociemba, 1st SP3, 2nd Owings, FB, HillHi, 3rd State
6 Lucas Scott Sr Century 30-6(155) Beat Cavender, Lost Snyder 2X, Cavender, 1st Beisell, 2nd SP1

7 Cameron Schmitz Sr West Linn *2 25-5(130) Beat Carlson, Hamilton, Lost Naughton, Barnes, Scott, Simpson, 1st Rose, SP2, 2nd State
8 Keltin Boykin Sr Canby 17-3(120) Lost Cavender, 1st Owings, 2nd CC, 3rd SP2
9 Will Reddekopp So Roseburg *4 6-2(35) 2nd DC, 3rd Owings, 3rd SP4, 4th State
10 Alvarro Venegas Jr McNary 11-6(55) Beat Hirning, 2nd SP3, 3rd Liberty
11 Maverick Wiseman Sr Thurston *6 7-2(35) 3rd Willamette, HillHi, 4th SP4, 6th State
Corey Neys Sr Glencoe 4-1(25) 3rd SP1
13 Darryn Anderson Sr McKay 14-8(50) 3rd SP3
14 Sam Hirons Jr North Salem 3-2(5) 4th SP3
15 Daniel Reyes-Hernandez Jr Glencoe 4-2(10) 4th SP
16 Hunter Beolow So Barlow 17-12(25) 4th SP2

1 Osawaru Odighizuwa So David Douglas *1 40-0(535) Beat Kociemba, Anderegg 3X, Smith, Sipe, 1st CC, Owings, Resers
, SP2, State
2 Kyle Anderegg So Clackamas *2 *3 25-6(160) Lost Odighizuwa 3X, Thavongsack, 1st AI, 2nd York, SP2, 3rd CC, SNC, State
3 Dakota Church Jr Newberg *2 13-1(160) Beat Thavongsack, 1st Larson, SP3, 2nd State, 3rd Rose

4 Tyler Kailiuli Sr Roseburg *4 6-3(85) Lost Odighizuwa, 1st SP4, 4th State
5 Bryce Palahniuk Sr Thurston 20-8(115) Lost Rasmussen, Odighizuwa 2X, 1st Willamette, HillHi
, 2nd SP4
6 Skyler Black Jr North Medford *6 23-9(125) Lost Montgomery 2X, Britt, 2nd RV, EP, Willie, 3rd GP, SP4, 6th State
7 Willy Spears Jr Sheldon *5 4-0(35) 1st Willamette, 4th SP4
8 Noah Bagley Sr West Linn *5 23-8(105) Lost Anderegg, 1st Tigard, 2nd Rose, 3rd SP2, 5th State
9 Elijah Hirning Sr Westview 16-5(125) Lost Cavender, Venegas, 1st Rose, SP1
10 Andrew Horton Jr Century 3-1(30) 2nd SP1

11 Tyler Cox Sr Southridge 25-8(90) Beat Spencer, 3rd SP1
12 Lisala Manu Sr West Salem 23-5(120) Beat Ceja, Lost Becker, 1st Southridge, 2nd SP3
13 Kincaid Krile Sr Sunset 25-9(100) Beat Hammerschmith, Lost Soto, Hamilton, Simpson, Robirts, Goessens, 4th SP1
14 Evan Smith Jr Newberg 4-1(25) 3rd SP3
15 Bryan Sobranis-Perez Sr Tualatin 17-17(0) 4th SP3
16 Jose Contreras Sr Gresham 22-7(75) 4th SP2

1 Michael McGuire Sr Centennial *1 34-2(350) Beat Powers, Rodelo, Lost Glaser, Wade, 1st York, SP2, State, 2nd Elks, 3rd Owings
2 Alejandro Sandoval Sr Canby *2 21-3(225) 1st Owings, Resers, 2nd CC, SP2, State

3 Victor Ceja Sr Tigard *3 15-5(120) Beat Cox, Rodelo, Lost Powers, 1st SP3, 2nd Southridge, 3rd State
4 Cortez Rodelo Sr Aloha *4 *5 32-3(225) Beat Schubert, 1st Liberty, SP1, 5th State
5 Ellis Eaton Sr West Linn *4 25-2(160) Lost Kofe, 1st Rose, Tigard, 3rd Pac Coast, SP2, 4th State
6 Noah Spencer Jr Westview 9-3(45) Beat Rodriguez, Lost Cox, Guerrero, 2nd SP1
7 Dom Harris Sr South Medford 3-0(70) 1st SP4
8 Zach Jett Jr Clackamas *6 5-5(0) 4th SP2, 6th State
9 Justin Jackson Sr Tigard 2-1(25)
2nd SP3
10 Mike Rios Sr Crater 4-2(10) Beat Caddock, 2nd SP4
11 Christian Rincon Sr Forest Grove 5-3(20) 3rd SP1
12 Zack Caddock Sr Roseburg 7-4(20) Lost Hecht, 2nd DC, 3rd SP4
13 Aidan McGowan Jr Roseburg 3-2(5) 4th SP4
14 Austin Shoopman Sr North Salem 4-1(25) 3rd SP3
15 Dallas O'Bryan Fr Newberg 3-2(5) 4th SP3

16 Jonathon Rodriguez Sr Hillsboro 4-2(10) 4th SP1

2013-14 6A Team Rankings/Comparison
1 Roseburg 248   1st 272.5

2 Hillsboro 154   3rd 95
3 West Linn 110   2nd 107.5
4 Grants Pass 100   4th 82

5 Oregon City 80   6th 69
6 Glencoe 76   10th 52
7 North Medford 74   9th 54
8 David Douglas 70   5th 75

9 Century 64   7th 57.5
10 Canby 62   21st 31
11 Aloha 54   18th 37
12 Centennial 50   16th 38

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